Prayer Power


My dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ …

“I am not the boss, I need God in my life, so I need to pray because I want to feel the heart of God and doing what He wants”. I find this sentence to reflect the gospel today.  I am looking at  the experience of the leper. The prayer of the leper is very short, “if you wish, you can make me clean!”. It is really a very powerful prayer because it came from a humble heart that truly believed – fully trusted!. It is also came from a desperate man who had nothing and who had no one else to turn to. And we can see that the prayer of a sick person is very powerful, because it is offered along with pain and sacrifice.

We can compare with the experience of the woman. A woman in search of a man goes through different kind of prayer. At 20, she prays fantastic: “Lord, give me the best man.” At 30, she prays optimistic: “Lord, give me a good man.” At 40, she pray realistic: “Lord, give me a man, any man.” At 50, she prays desperate: “Lord, I am tired – I am surrender!”.

My dear brothers and sisters … why are sometimes our prayers – our petitions not being answered? Maybe we are not praying humble. Maybe we are not praying optimistic. Maybe we are not praying trusting. Maybe we are not praying surrender. We can check in our experience!


My reflection is … and I hope you support me that the Prayer is really foundation for everything - and we can say  that “we are not the boss” - we need God to guide us - we need time to meet God.  In this way, Don’t make God is absent in our lives. Our duty is making God is present and sending us to do His mission. We can keep this sentence, “when there is a prayer, God is present”. Finally, I would like to close my reflection with beautiful message from my father when I was in  Elementary School, “before you go to sleep, make the sign of the cross on your pillow and go to sleep with God on your pillow”. So, my dear brothers, let us pray more powerful – more humble – more optimist – more trust in God and more surrender!. Amen!